Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Time (a little late!)

Christmas came a little early this year as we didn't want to travel with all of our gifts. We set up our Wii and Marcus got several new toys that kept him occupied for hours.
But that gift that will keep on giving for Marcus was his new big boy car seat. He had a blast playing with the box and climbing all over his new seat. He was still not too excited once we strapped him in but really enjoys the new view.

Our first destination for our Christmas break was Longmont to spend Christmas Eve and Day with Aaron's family. Jozi and Brian are always such good sports when it comes to having a house full. Paul and Melanie where there with their five kiddos along with Aaron's brother Tyler. Marcus had a blast with all his cousins and loved all the attention. We played a lot of "non competitive" games during our stay but our fav was kick ball at the church.

Aunt Melanie was also nice enough to give Marcus his first hair cut. He did so good we just plugged in a movie and he didn't move. So now Marcus is mullet free!

After spend three days in Longmot we started our trek to Alamosa to spend some time with my family. We saw lots of family and friends and played lots of games, especially Mario Kart. Marcus loves spending time at grandma and grandpa's house, but Marcus' favorite part was the puppies that Megan was taking care of while we were there. They are just his size and now he wants one (I think). Marcus was spoiled with attention and gifts from "the great ones" and the rest of the family.

Well that's our Christmas vacation in a nut shell. We hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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