Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where to begin...

I guess the think I need to admit first and foremost is that I'm the worst blogger alive!  Now that that is said I can move on and give you some updates:

Luke is walking!  He started out about a month and a half ago but is pretty much full fledged walking now.  He loves the water and following big brother around and playing (or wrecking) whatever Marcus is doing.  He is a WONDERFUL eater and eats just about everything in site.  Luke is repeating sounds after us and can say; ba (boo), na na (no no), mama and dada. 

Marcus is really turned into quite the 3 year old.  I now know that 3 IS harder than 2.  Once he has is mind made up then that is it...but he still has his tender heart and minds most of the time.  Some of his new sayings are;  not yet,  fine!, 5 more (or anything), how you doing?, and how's work dad?.   He loves to run and be with any other kid.  He loves to play hoops, football, with his cars, hide n seek, and baseball. 

So now there's your somewhat of  an update here's some pics (at least I'm not an utter failure you get some updated pics)