Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Brithday!


Wow time goes by so fast I can't believe my "baby" is 3 years old.  It's totally cliche that everyone says that  when you have kids time goes by so fast blah blah blah...but it really does! 

Now that Marcus is 3 he is talking quite a bit and he starting to say some pretty funny stuff.  He loves sports and actually has to change clothes several times a day to match the sport he is now playing.  He's getting pretty into cars now too and will actually do that by himself so I get a break!  He loves to help especially in the kitchen with anything that we are making.  He is so sweet with his brother and loves to give him kisses.  He loves to learn and is so smart he know his numbers and most of his letters.  He has a tender heart and is a good sharer.  He loves to play all day especially with other kids.  He loves to pray and they are always very sincere. 

We are so lucky that he joined our family 3 years ago and we love him so much...Happy Birthday Marcus! 


We had a great Thanksgiving in Alamosa this year.  Yes it was a terribly long drive with 2 little ones but actually Luke did great it's the terrible 2 year old that made our trip long.

We actually had a pretty big Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandparents house; 21 people ate a absolutely delicious dinner.  It was so yummy it makes me hungry just thinking about it.  Then on Friday the girls of the family made a star craft thingy and it turned out so cute.  I forgot my scrap booking paper so I helped my mom make one as a Christmas gift. 

Then that night we celebrated Marcus' 3rd Birthday.  Of course we forgot our camera but I think that night was the best night of Marcus' short life.  He loved every second of it from running around with little cousin Kennedi to opening presents and of course blowing out trick candles. He was running around like a crazy man the whole night.  He couldn't even go to sleep that night because he was so excited and the next day he asked if it was his birthday again.

Thanks everyone who came and made it such a great night for him.  He Loved all his presents and still talks about his Birthday.