Monday, December 7, 2009

It's a BOY!

We are really excited to add another addition to our family and a boy at that!  I know that I'll be pretty outnumbered in our household but I'm super excited for Marcus to have a brother to run and tumble around with.  Don't get me wrong I love playing football and basketball and building with blocks but it will be nice once they can play together and they can climb trees and scrape their knees and I can mostly watch from the sidelines with a bandaid in hand.

The only problem with having a boy is a name...boy names are the hardest so pass you ideas our way if you have any cause I'm drawing up a blank at the moment.

I can't get the ultra sound to post so I'll post it later.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Marcus loved Halloween.  He was so cute and thought that getting candy in his pumpkin was about the coolest thing that's ever happened to him.  Every time someone would put something in is bucket he would look in and say "WOW".  I know I'm biased but he's adorable!

The night before Halloween we went to our Ward party and Marcus had fun watching all the other kids in their costumes.  He fell in love with his pumpkin basket and wanted to go to sleep with it that night.

Here's our pumpkin we carved. Marcus helped pull out all the gooey insides and Aaron carved the face.

Here's just a pick of Marcus getting some practice for his new found pitty cry.  Gotta love it!

So sad but kinda cute!

October Snow

We had a crazy fall storm here and got about 12 inches of snow.  Aaron had a snow day at work so we had tons of fun in the snow. This storm happened the week before Halloween and by Halloween it was gone.  So we had lots of fun while it lasted. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Marcus is...

Marcus is a BIG BOY!

He's potty trained...just kidding!  I only wish but he is going to be...


Our little family is excitied to add another.  I'm about 14 weeks and due in April!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Playlist

My new playlist has just a few classic songs from our favorite show "The Office". Gotta love it...if there are any classic songs I'm missing let me know. Some were not available so this is what I have so far.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Past few months...

Well I can't say much other than I've been a total slacker in the blog posting as of late. So I give you a quick catch up with our family. We'll start with Aaron as he says he never gets any blog space. Well he's been pretty busy with church and work. He got a new calling in the Branch Presidency and now that school has started he finds himself pretty busy seeing lots of students and other activities. I'm pretty much the same so nothing new there. Marcus is busy growing and getting into everything. He's going to be a lion for Halloween and has the "ROAR" down pretty convincingly. He's so fun and every night we find ourselves feeling extremely blessed that he came to us.

We've gotten to see family as my mother came to see us for a quick trip, we saw Aaron's parents in Sterling and they came to visit us in our new home and I also got to spend a day with Megan watching her coach vball in Yuma. I'll post some pics of us during the past few months.

About a month ago we took a trip to a Mammoth Museum. Marcus mostly wanted to just run around while I chase him but I think he had a good time at least in the gift shop he did because he could play in some sand.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to the blog!

So it's been just a little while since I have taken the time to post.We are now in our new home and love it! We've been pretty busy unpacking and painting but are pretty much done. We moved on the 3rd of July and then my parents came to help us paint that next week. We would probably be painting still without their help since Aaron had to start work rightaway. We live by the park (which we go to almost everyday), the library and have some really wondeful neighbors who have a daughter Marcus' age that he loves to play with and lots of others kids his age at church. Well here's a few pics of our living room done because a I've had a few request. I'll post some other pics of the house and Marcus in a few days.

Pics of our Home

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the BIG move

So tomorrow is the moving day. We are busy with the family reunion here and are having a great time. But tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for. We are packing up the UHaul in the morning, with all the Prestwich strong men around we should hopefully be leaving by 1 and unpacking that evening too. It will be a crazy day but we are excited to get to our new house. My mom and dad are coming a few days later to help us unpack and paint. We are sad to leave our wonderful friends and ward behind but are excited for this new chapter. Once we get Internet I'll post pics of the house and some updates. It maybe a few weeks so until then just pray that we make it through it!

Jane & Paul's wedding

Aaron and I were in Chadron on Friday signing away our life (our first house). We had to be in Denver the next day for our nieces wedding. So it was an late night and an early morning but so fun. We left early so we could go to the temple before the wedding and had a wonderful time together. The wedding was so sweet and the bride looked beautiful. After the wedding grandma & Marcus met us outside. I hadn't seen him for about 4 days and Aaron almost 2 whole weeks! He was happy to see us and we were so happy to see him. He was so sweet giving all his cousins kisses. It was a wonderful day we had such a great time and are so excited for Jane & Paul.

Marcus' big vacation

A few weeks ago Marcus and I went down to Alamosa to visit family. We had a great time seeing all the family again. Marcus had a blast at the sand dunes and playing with grandpa & grandma. Marcus' favorite part was to give "bo" his treats. Marcus love getting dirty and wet out in the back yard (we can't wait to have our own fenced backyard too).
I decided to leave Marcus with grandpa & grandma for another week all by him self so that I could get the packing and cleaning finished up. It was probably harder for me than for him and he had a great time! He went many a times to the park with grandma and also to the alligator farm. Here's the one pic I took the whole mini vacation (he's playing in the dog's water bowl).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cute Friends!

Here's Marcus with his little friend Peyton that he really enjoys getting together with. She is a couple months older and so sweet and cute. They really don't play "together" much but are really sweet to each other. I was able to capture a precious moment on a walk in the park we took a couple weeks ago. It was so cute... they would hold hands and give each other snacks back and forth. It was adorable! We will miss our friends here in Sterling when we leave but I'm sure will be back to visit.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a NUT!

Need I say more!

Some time off...

So as a mom I notice that I have much more patience with Marcus if I get a break every once in a while. If that's a solo trip to the store or library or time to clean the house I enjoy my "ME" time. Well a sweet girl at NJC really wanted to watch Marcus during the week so I took her up on her offer and had her come 1 to 2 times a week for an hour + to take Marcus to the park or just keep him busy while I get some much needed things done around here.

Marcus did really well most of the time... he would of course cry to make me feel bad about leaving him but that was just a show and once I was out of sight I was pretty much out of mind. Here's a pic of him and Sam his favorite park buddy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Home!

Well you ask me how much do I trust my husband...well how's this for starters. We bought a house that I haven't even seen yet! Well not officially but we put an offer down and they accepted it so we hope to officially close on the house by July 3rd. Aaron left on Monday to go look at about 8 houses in Chadron. Well he called me around noon and said that he found the one (the night before we talked about what we really wanted ect...) and that someone one coming to view the house for the 2nd time and they probably would make an offer that afternoon.

So we talked and he said his likes and dislikes of the house and by the end of our conversation we both felt really good about making an offer. That afternoon Aaron still had a few house to look at with another agent so he went and after finishing that the other agent called and said our offer was accepted! Yeah us! Anyways here's a pic from the agency's website and here's a few details: 4 bedroom, 2 bath, huge back yard, newly remodeled. Isn't it a cute house!

We weren't even planning on making any kind of offer during this trip. Aaron was just going to narrow down to 2 -3 houses and I was going to go up next week and make the decision. Aaron said that hands down he feels 100% confident that this is our house...I can't wait to see it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Movin' on UP!

Ok so Aaron says that this blog should be called "Marcus" because that's all that's posted on here, but not anymore! This post is dedicated to my one and only... Anyways there's a few ways that Aaron has moved on up. The first and probably most important is that he has now officially entered into his THIRTIES! Aaron celebrated his birthday on Thursday and before he came home we decorated the house with balloons and a sign and the sidewalk outside with chalk for his big day. That night we went over the Miller's who had us, another guy from church, and the missionaries over for a fabulous dinner. It was sure yummy! Well on Friday we had some people over for a BBQ and some homemade carrot cake for some more B-day celebration. Aaron has said that upon entering into his thirties that we should "really" celebrate and have an all weekend thing...and it's actually kind of turned into that but hey he deserves it!

The next way Aaron has moved on up is actually an NEW position in Chadron NE. That's right we are on the move UP to Chadron NE. This new position is an awesome opportunity for Aaron professionally and I am really PROUD of him! He will be the Director of Student Support Services there at Chadron State. Way to go you OLD FART! Love U

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter Weekend

Well we had a fabulous but cold Easter this year. My family came up to visit and we had dyed eggs, ate lots of food and had some pretty intense board games. Marcus had a blast looking for Easter eggs around the house. Here are a few pics of the weekend.

Dying Easter Eggs:

Marcus finding Easter eggs around the house:

Marcus' Easter basket that a neighbor made him: