Sunday, May 17, 2009

Movin' on UP!

Ok so Aaron says that this blog should be called "Marcus" because that's all that's posted on here, but not anymore! This post is dedicated to my one and only... Anyways there's a few ways that Aaron has moved on up. The first and probably most important is that he has now officially entered into his THIRTIES! Aaron celebrated his birthday on Thursday and before he came home we decorated the house with balloons and a sign and the sidewalk outside with chalk for his big day. That night we went over the Miller's who had us, another guy from church, and the missionaries over for a fabulous dinner. It was sure yummy! Well on Friday we had some people over for a BBQ and some homemade carrot cake for some more B-day celebration. Aaron has said that upon entering into his thirties that we should "really" celebrate and have an all weekend thing...and it's actually kind of turned into that but hey he deserves it!

The next way Aaron has moved on up is actually an NEW position in Chadron NE. That's right we are on the move UP to Chadron NE. This new position is an awesome opportunity for Aaron professionally and I am really PROUD of him! He will be the Director of Student Support Services there at Chadron State. Way to go you OLD FART! Love U


Sarah said...

My first reaction is WHAT?! You are moving?! But I should say Happy Birthday to Aaron and Congrats! Way to go. And Natalie, Jay says the same thing about our blog too (thats its all about Aiden).

Renae said...

The BIG 30 is quite the event! Although I must say your husband is quite young. Jason turned 30 three years ago? I think that's right. We're 6 years a part. When do you move for real? Are you going to buy a house? Sounds exciting! I'm so glad I get to know what's going on now!

cate said...

Congrats on the new job. And thanks for turing 30 before me.