Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are ALIVE!

Yes we are alive here in Nebraska.  I'm sure so many of you were wondering...but alas I have now had the motivation to post some updates. 

Luke aka Luke the Poop or Lukesters - doing great.  He had a fever last week so I took him in and he now weighs in at a whole 17.2 lbs.  He's a chubbers and it's so cute I love his legs and give them kisses all the time.  I think that he'll pass up Marcus eventually because I don't think at 7 months M weighed in at 17 lbs.  He is 7 months but sometimes I think he's still in his newborn phase...especially at night.  He is a bad sleeper but the past 2 night he's only woke up once and that's a reason to celebrate (while knocking on wood).  Trust me you out there saying just let him cry... he has tried to cry it out, how about 2 weeks straight with 1 to 2 hrs each night with no end in site ...crying makes for a super tired and cranky momma after that long. Other than the lack of sleep he's more content while awake.  He not really motivated to roll over (while he can do it) or sit up but we "work out" everyday so hopefully one day he'll just decide to do it.  He is a smiley baby and loves to smile at other people.

Marcus - he's just up to something always that's for sure.  He's still in to his sports and I get a workout in everyday.  (I can't wait until Luke can keep up)  He's so funny he loves to play and watch sports on TV but he hates going to games live except football.  He says they are too loud and covers his ears.  Marcus is talking a good deal now but sometimes I just nod and say ok because he's still hard to understand.  I'll probably regret this one day as he will be asking me some crazy thing.  He knows all his shapes and colors and can count to 10 and now we are working on our ABC's.  He loves to say all the prayers in our house and they are so sweet ad simple.  He has a ton of friends and loves to play with other kids. He is not potty trained  yet I tried a couple months ago but it was a no go so hopefully in the next month I can get up enough patience and courage to try again.  Any pointers are greatly appreciated! 

This summer Aaron and I really just got used to a house with 2 kids it's been an adjustment.  I'm ready for more sleep and Aaron's probably ready for a non cranky wife.  But it's coming around  and getting routine but I'm not looking forward to the cold and flu months coming up ahead.  Hopefully we can keep mr. Luke heathly.  Well I'll post some pics to catch us up and then try to be better at this blogging.

Camera dead pictures coming soon...