Saturday, October 17, 2009

Past few months...

Well I can't say much other than I've been a total slacker in the blog posting as of late. So I give you a quick catch up with our family. We'll start with Aaron as he says he never gets any blog space. Well he's been pretty busy with church and work. He got a new calling in the Branch Presidency and now that school has started he finds himself pretty busy seeing lots of students and other activities. I'm pretty much the same so nothing new there. Marcus is busy growing and getting into everything. He's going to be a lion for Halloween and has the "ROAR" down pretty convincingly. He's so fun and every night we find ourselves feeling extremely blessed that he came to us.

We've gotten to see family as my mother came to see us for a quick trip, we saw Aaron's parents in Sterling and they came to visit us in our new home and I also got to spend a day with Megan watching her coach vball in Yuma. I'll post some pics of us during the past few months.

About a month ago we took a trip to a Mammoth Museum. Marcus mostly wanted to just run around while I chase him but I think he had a good time at least in the gift shop he did because he could play in some sand.

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