Monday, December 7, 2009

It's a BOY!

We are really excited to add another addition to our family and a boy at that!  I know that I'll be pretty outnumbered in our household but I'm super excited for Marcus to have a brother to run and tumble around with.  Don't get me wrong I love playing football and basketball and building with blocks but it will be nice once they can play together and they can climb trees and scrape their knees and I can mostly watch from the sidelines with a bandaid in hand.

The only problem with having a boy is a name...boy names are the hardest so pass you ideas our way if you have any cause I'm drawing up a blank at the moment.

I can't get the ultra sound to post so I'll post it later.


Renae said...

Congratulations! Two boys are great! It saves A LOT of money too! They can share clothes, toys, and so much more!

Hey, if you could send your address my way that would be great. My e-mail is I have your Christmas card waiting!

Sarah said...

Yay for you! Congrats Natalie! So I am done with finals tomorrow so I will call you then. We have been slackers. I hope you pregnancy is going well. Miss you!

Brianna and Andrew said...

Congratulations! I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering if you knew what you were having. So exciting! And good luck with those names. I had another friend post it on facebook and she got lots of responses. Maybe that would work.

Dj,Megs,Trey,Pace said...

Wow another Boy that is awesome! We didn't know that you were even prego again. I can't believe my mom was able to not say anything. So congratulations on the new baby. I think you will like the two boys together thing.
A baby name for you is Deshaun, Keyvell, or my Favorite Dontrell.
I know what you are thinking, these names are way awesome, If you want you could pick two of the three so that the middle name is covered too.
Megan said those names are no good and we would not be able to name any of our boys those so that is why I am able to share them with you. Megan's favorite name is DJ so you could definitely throw that one in there too. OK seriously one name we liked was Aiden.

The Moores said...

That is awesome. I LOVE my boy! Boys are awesome! You should name him..."Aaron." That's my pick. Or "Nate."

The Despains said...

Hey Guys!
Congrats on #2- boys are so fun! I'm with you on the hard names- our second (noah) didn't have a name for 3 days. We are lucky the twins got names at all!