Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello out there...

Well I think that I'm officially the biggest blog slacker alive.  I have thought about posting a ton of times it just never develops into doing it.  So I'm taking the plunge this morning and plan to at least post some recent pics of Marcus. 

Here's Marcus with cousin Emma at Thanksgiving...I know not so recent but it's cute.  It's so funny how opposite looking they are but they still both look like Prestwich's.

Here's Marcus playing his favorite game.  He loves football!  He can't get enough...he will even watch it on TV like it's the most entertaining show.  He knows all the actions and will do "down set hut", "fumble", "tackle" and "touchdown"!  I used to be his football buddy but the size of my belly makes it a little more difficult to tackle and fall down.  So right when Aaron walks through the down it's ""  When Marcus gets his TV time almost a quarter of the time he wants to watch's a good thing that we have a few games on DVR.  When he watches he'll go down and touch the ground when the play starts he starts running around and falls when the play is over.  His football is his comfort and he even sleeps with it.  He has worn it down the paint is coming off.  We'll need to find a replacement because if we were to lose it...oh heaven help us!

For Valentines Day I made the sugar cookies and Marcus helped.  He loves "helping" clean the beaters and putting some sprinkles one the cookies. 

Here's some pcis from last week with Daddy!  Everywhere we go and everyone we see always comments on how much Marcus looks like his dad.  He a little mini Aaron but with brown eyes and an olive complexion.  He even has lots of mannerisms like his dad.  I also tell Aaron, all the time, that he's stubburn like his dad too.

I 'll try to post some belly pics sometime soon.  I think that I'm a lot bigger than I was with Marcus.  I can't believe that in two months we'll soon have another to our little family.  We are so excited and a little scared on how it will be with two.  Marcus is such a sweetheart that I think that he will be very gentle and loving. 


Renae said...

Football... that's cute. Owen's is soccer. Ever since before he could walk, when Daddy came home they'd play soccer with Jason holding Owen's hands.

I hope the pregnancy is going well. You have a very cute little boy and by the way, I see a lot of Mommy in his too!

Andrew and Brianna said...

Marcus is so cute! He is getting so grown up too. Wow. Hope things are going well for you guys!