Friday, January 23, 2009


Alright so what you ask do we do in Colorado when it's snowing?

I'll have to think about that one...well believe it or not we went SWIMMING. I know totally crazy but we are kind of stir crazy in the house right now so it was an option. Actually we thought of it when it was 70 degrees yesterday but you know CO and the crazy weather. Marcus had fun...he was a little scared at first but loved the fact that he could splash me in the face. He hasn't been swimming since the summer so I guess new things kinda scare him.

Speaking of being scared...we took him to his first girls basketball game at NJC last weekend. Well I took him last year to some games but he was so small he could pretty much sleep right through them. Anyways we took him to some volleyball games this fall and he was petrified. He couldn't even pass through the doorway before he would start crying. Poor little chap. Well this game he did a little better actually a lot better. We sat and watched pretty much the whole game. I didn't mind his death grip around my neck either. It was so cute but also a little sad... his bottom lip was shacking...but hey he made it!


MAUGA AIGA said...

I know what your talking about, there isn't a lot to do when it snows. Marcus is soooo cute, he is getting so big! Miss u guys:)

MAUGA FAM said...

Hi it's me
Check out my blog I tagged you:)