Thursday, December 18, 2008

Teething, Cold & Glue...oh my!

What a week! Poor little Marcus has had a pretty difficult week. First off he started teething on Monday and got a cold to go along with it; his two top teeth are coming in full force. Then on Tuesday night he was walking (still a little unsteady) and tripped on a blanket...face first into our end table. Ouch! Well he cried but not too hard but when I pulled him a little away from me, I saw that he had a cute above his eye. Luckily both of us were home and we were able to take him to the ER pretty quick. One thing about this little guy is he is tough! He cried yes but not that hard. Well anyways the doctor was able to glue it and he didn't have to get stitches. But the highlight of all of this for Marcus (yes highlight) was that I just sat him in my lap on our way to the hospital and he got to see all the Christmas lights. He was actually pretty pumped about it and totally forgot about his eye. I know good mom right, don't turn me into the authorities...I mean it was the highlight of his night probably his whole week!

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