Friday, June 18, 2010

Updates! seems like I just posted but I guess it has been awhile.  Anyways we've had a fairly busy month. Marcus and Aaron were gone for Memorial day to Longmont to hang out with all the family there.  Marcus has a blast with all of his cousins.  He then stayed with Grandpa & Grandma P in Sterling the next week.  And Aaron picked him up the next weekend again in Longmont  and spent the weekend with all the cousins. I then went to  A-town to my 10 year reunion with little Luke.  I can't believe that it's been 10 years but at the same time it seems like a lifetime ago.  How crazy how things change.  Luke did awesome on the way there and back.  But a 9 hour drive with a baby by yourself is pretty crazy...I was more tired when I got home than when I left. 

Luke went to the Doctor last Monday and he weighs in at 10.1 lbs and  is 21.5 inches long. He's doing pretty good.  This week he has slept much better and is even a little less fussy : )   He is even smiling now which is so fun and makes it all worth it!  Marcus is now into baseball and we play almost everyday.  I think that when a sport is in season he loves it.  But we can always fall back to football if he gets bored. 

Here's some recent pics of the boys. 

I tried forever to get these next pics to turn's saved on my computer correctly but loads into blogger wrong...if you know how to fix it let me know! :)


Sarah said...

Sooo Cute! Your boys are adorable. I'm happy to hear baby is getting better at sleeping. Miss you!!!!

Renae said...

I absolutely LOVE the last picture! By the way-more power to you for traveling with Luke like that! I flew to NY from VA once with Owen and visited family without Jason... Exhaustion doesn't even begin to describe hwo I felt when I returned!

I'm excited to hear that Luke seems to be doing better, although the crankiness and no sleep thing really stinks! Hang in there!

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I LOVE to hear from you. There are lots of pictures up now too!