Friday, April 30, 2010

An Update from US!

Here's an update from us...Luke is eating sleeping and pooping and Marcus is running around with energizer batteries that keep on going and going and going. 

Well the more detailed version of events around our house are... Luke is now 7 weeks old today.  Wow time flies when you don't get any sleep.  Last Saturday he weighed in at a whooping 7 lbs 11 ounces.  That's actually a pretty good weight gain for a boy who started out so tiny.  We think that Luke has some reflux but right now the doctors want to hold off on any medicine to see how well he does and if it doesn't get any worse.  I feel so bad for the little guy as it seems he is pretty uncomfortable and not sleeping the greatest.  Marcus caught a cold last week so Luke has been in his own little isolation to make sure that he doesn't catch it.  Marcus is almost over it so soon he a Luke will be reunited.  Poor Marcus has been pretty sad that he can't see or hold the baby but a sick preemie baby is one thing we don't need.  Marcus as I said earlier is on the go almost all day.  He's been pretty good with me having to take care of Luke but that's probably because he gets to watch a little more TV than usual.  Well here's some updated pics from us...

Marcus loves the baby and to give him kisses on the head.

Marcus loves to help dad and mom cook it up in the kitchen.


Renae said...

Sounds like Mommy has it pretty rough. Our second son Adam had reflux and well, lots of other stuff. It's not fun. I so feel for you.

Murry and his wife Aspen just had a baby at 34 weeks on Tuesday, It was another boy too. He weighed 5 1bs. 5 oz. and was 18 inches long. (I think I got that right.) It looks like we're all destined to have two boys. :)

Your boys are adorable. I hope things get better with your little man. Adjusting to the second baby is tough, but then adding reflux etc... to it is so hard.

Do you ever get a nap? I wasn't ever lucky enough to get my boys to sleep at the same time, so after two weeks I gave up on napping. Then again now we have three, two get up at least twice in the night, and well... I don't know if the exhaustion will ever go away.

Hang in there!

MAUGA FAM said...

Hi Nat! I am glad the baby is gaining weight,poor little guy with his re flux. Wish I lived close so I could come take Marcus so you can have a nap. Miss and luv u guys.

Kristy said...

Your family is so cute! Luke is such a cutie. And I can't believe how much Marcus looks like Aaron. Congrats Nat, hope you are doing well!

havilah & Jared said...

It's great to hear from you. I'm so glad your little men are doing well!! Hopefully the problems will be cleared up soon. Too bad exhaustion is so often part of day we will all sleep again! (I think.) Take care.

Andrew and Brianna said...

Glad to hear things are good with you guys and Luke is growing so well! He is getting big! Hopefully Marcus is better soon.

Dian Prestwich said...

Luke looks great! So happy to hear he is doing well. That sure is a cute airplane shirt and an even cuter boy wearing it! By the way, I have a good friend that just had her first baby 9 weeks early! It is incredible what little fighters these babies are! His name is Jaxson, and he is doing well so far. My friend is going through exactly what you did, having to visit the hospital several times a day to see him. Nothing better than the love of a mommy and daddy to make them strong! Thanks for updating the blog! We love to see how you all are doing!