Friday, April 17, 2009

Quality time with the Sis...

Megan came up to stay with us about three weeks ago. She had a teacher job fair in Greeley. She stayed with us for 4 days and we had a good time hanging out and playing with Marcus. Here's a picture of Marcus in the bath...Megan thought he was too preppy and made him a rebel.

Ok so the real reason I wanted to blog about this is a really funny story. Those of you who know my sister or the Greeley area for that matter should appreciate this. Anyways on that Thursday the job fair started but a HUGE snowstorm was to hit the area. The fair was still scheduled to go on as planned so Megan left that morning and I gave her directions. I told to go I76 to HWY 34 straight into Greeley and take a right on the 2nd traffic light blah blah blah. Anyways she got there no problem but the fair closed down at noon due to weather and it was snowing really good by that time. So she takes off for Sterling and I told her to call me every hour to check in. With good weather it takes close to one and half hours but I knew it would take at least two and half with the snow.

So she calls me an hour later and I say oh where are you at and she says "Oh I've made great time and I'm just passing Centerra right now". I told her Centerra was in Loveland and she had been going the wrong direction this whole time. Needless to say she was pretty upset but we got her turned around and headed back here and made it safe and sound.

If anyone is willing to pitch in to get my sister a GPS I think she could use one (probably even in Alamosa)! Just kidding Megan! Love you thanks for coming to see us.

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Brett and Kristy said...

This is such a classic Megan story!! I love it! I'll help with the GPS for her. Haha! I'm glad you guys got to spend some time together, how fun!